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    Welcoming Message

      Gradually geometry developed like other sciences. In Geometrypedia, we try to cover it as much as possible.
    It is said that Plato ordered to write this sentence on the entrance gate of his academy:
    Who does not know geometry, should not enter in!” ,
    but we say:
     “ Everyone is invited and welcome to Geometrypedia, whoever does and doesn’t know Geometry, can find different corners of geometry beauties and his/her own interests here".
      The main core of Geometrypedia is based on 20 volumes Encyclopedia of Geometry books, written by owner of this website, Mr. M.H.Rostami. These volumes are written in Persian language and been published for years, beside of upgrading and editing in each re-print in Persian. However, to be useful for the people all around the world, it has been started to be translated in English. First volume has been translated now and some parts can be reviewed in “ Encyclopedia of Geometry – Vol. 1” link . We are ready to talk to world class publishers to publish this unique series in English and distribute it globally.
    For more details please contact: M.H.Rostami@Geometrypedia.com
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